The Challenge

  1. This is an Individual event.

  2. All women who are 18+ with a work experience of 0 to 2 or 3+ years can participate in this event.

  3. Although premium access to Connect-a-thon (Virtual career fair) will only be given to the candidates who have already graduated in 2021 or before.

  4. There will be two categories 0-2 and 3+ with respect to work experience. The candidates are requested to choose the category diligently.

  5. Within each category there will be four sub-categories namely Front-end, Back-end, DevOps, and Data sciences.

  6. The candidate can attempt as many sub-categories as possible within the defined work experience bracket.

  7. Please keep a note that the rewards/prizes will be awarded corresponding to a single sub-category only.

  8. The candidates will have to go through the MCQ round (Round-1). A list of shortlisting candidates will be published.

  9. The candidates who have cleared Round-1 will have to appear for the coding challenge, Round-2. Please keep a note that plagiarism check will also be done. Any discrepancy will lead to disqualification.

  10. Top 8000 candidates will have a premium access to Connect-a-thon (Virtual career fair) including the filter of above point no. 2.

  11. Top 100 candidates post the evaluation of coding challenge (Round-2) will qualify to participate in Ideathon (Round-3).

  12. The candidates qualifying for Ideathon (Round-3) will have to pick one of the five problem statements and present a scalable, practical solution.

  13. Top 100 candidates will be moving to top ideathon stage (Phase 1). These 100 candidates will have to present a 2 pager artefact.

  14. Top 25 candidates will be moving to top ideathon stage (Phase 2). These 25 candidates will have to present a PPT. Based on this, top 9 candidates will be shortlisted.

  15. These top 9 candidates will have to do a presentation on the day of Grand Finale. The presentation will be for 10 mins. (7min-presentation, 3min-QnA).

Stage 1

6th Aug - 20th Aug, 2021

Registration closes at 6 PM

All the participants must register individually.

Stage 2

21st Aug - 23rd Aug, 2021

Here is a round to test your speed and command on coding concepts. Hit the maximum mark to stand out apart from others.

Stage 3
Coding Challenge

24th Aug - 28th Aug, 2021

What makes hackathons interesting is writing a beautiful code. This challenge will test your coding skills in terms of quality. As Martin Fowler quotes “Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that a human can understand”. Take inspiration.

Stage 4
Ideathon Phase

31st Aug - 5th Sep, 2021

100 candidates to be reaching the phase.

Stage 5
Grand Finale (TOP 15)

15th Sept, 2021